While in Oregon a few weeks ago I had some time for inspiration to seep in.  Away from housework and daily duties I could actually reflect on what I wanted my days to look like.  That combined with the inspirations of the mountains and my creative sister-in-law I decided it was time to get my blog up and running.  Something I’ve wanted to do for years.

Here you will find a raw look at my adventure.  It will be a place to share my unique (or maybe not so unique) look at life.  I won’t be spending time editing these posts or posing pictures.  You’ll find iPhone snapshots and grammatical errors.  It will be simple and fulfilling but not perfection or stress.  There’s a good chance it will include goals and renovation lists and hopes for homeschooling.

I came up with visions for both my Etsy shop and this blog space while I was daydreaming in Oregon.  For now my goal was to get a post out there.  To take that first step and simply start.  I hope you enjoy this journey with me and will enjoy watching this project unfold.



The girls are keeping me busy.  A 3-year-old is a very busy sort of person.  Turns out a 1-year-old is too.  When you combine the two of them it’s a whirlwind sort of situation.

This week, however, has been one of those perfect weeks.  They’re happy.  They can play with each other with minimal struggles.  They’re eager to learn and explore and giggle.

The weather is gorgeous.  Perfect fall days.  We’re making progress on our kitchen remodel  and it feels so good to see our home come together.  It’s good and grounding.

I worked this week and whenever I get freelance work coming in the rest of life piles up. Here’s a current goal list that comes to mind while I have a moment to think.

• Get handles on the new kitchen cabinets.

• Start thinking & planning for the winter school semester.

• Get drawer organizers for the new kitchen drawers.

• Put trim and curtains up in girls room.

• Laundry.  Laundry.  Laundry.

• Make playdates with all our favorite people.

• Get planner prototypes made.



My birthday was the 18th and it got me thinking about goals for this year.  Here is the list I wrote while eating a perfect birthday dinner.  (Mom made me pizza and  it delicious.  Followed up with coffee ice cream drizzled with homemade chocolate sauce.  I’m a blessed daughter.)

• Explore Wisconsin more.  (We’re planning all our trips for this upcoming year to stay in the state and take advantage of the state parks and hiking that are right in our home state. )

• Work more with less stress.  (Meaning that I have a better schedule and plan in place for when my freelance work comes in.  Could mean a different daycare situation or maybe just later nights.  Something to evolve and unfold as we go along.)

• Get my mornings back.  (I miss my Jesus time and yoga time.  The quiet before the family wakes up.  It’s been challenging with a Helen who doesn’t sleep well and wakes up as soon as I leave the bed.  Long story short; I’m taking her to therapy which will hopefully help her sleep and trickle down to better everything for the rest of us.)

There you have it.  An imperfect and incomplete mashing of my thoughts.  Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.  What do you want to know?

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