Thursday – Post 2




I meant to post a new blog post last week but last Thursday was a day I do not want to relive.  A rough day to be a mother and a rougher day to be a toddler and a baby.  Being a mother is not for the faint of heart.

I had a lot of goals that I haven’t been able to accomplish yet and trying to give myself grace for that.  These baby days are meant for relaxed daily rhythms and lots of outside freedom.  Things that are hard for me to incorporate in our days but I’m getting better.  I hope.




Update on the last posts goals:

• Get handles on the new kitchen cabinets.

• Start thinking & planning for the winter school semester.

• Get drawer organizers for the new kitchen drawers.

• Put trim and curtains up in girls room.

• Laundry.  Laundry.  Laundry.

• Make playdates with all our favorite people.

• Get planner prototypes made.

So as you can see I didn’t get done the past few weeks.  It’s just been so busy and I feel like I’ve been running in circles.  Going nonstop but not getting anything done at the same time.  Hopefully these next days will be easier on all of us.

That being said our (re)Lived home is really starting to feel like a home and just in time for cozying in for this Wisconsin winter.  I hope that I can get out to the goat barn and get that winter ready soon too.



Still missing my morning time but until Helen starts sleeping in more than one hour chunks it’s just out of the question. Hopefully as we keep going to therapy that will improve.  Making an emergency visit to the chiropractor this afternoon as Isaac and I just can’t handle any more sleepless nights.

I really can’t think out any farther in my sleep deprivation.  My body and brain are just totally zapped.  Here’s to an extra helping of coffee and some much-needed rest.  How do you all get through those long days after short nights?


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