2017 – Adventure Goals

I thought I would take a little moment to write a post about our other 2017 goals.  I like to break down our goals by Local Explorations, Hikes, Camping & Day trips.  We transfer things over from the previous year that we either didn’t get a chance to do or ones that we want to repeat.  Then I put them on the calendar right away.  We’ve found that it is easier for us to accomplish these things if it’s already on the calendar.  That way the days don’t slip past us and another year has gone by that we didn’t get to explore or see some of the things we had hoped to.

Local Explorations:

  1. Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Eagle Center in Wabasha
  3. Science Museum & Omni
  4. Picnic & the airport viewing space
  5. Franconia


  1. Banning
  2. Minneopa Falls
  3. Afton State Park  !ACCOMPLISHED!
  4. Navigation hike at Lake Elmo
  5. I wanted to go to Oberg Mountain but it’s going to be too far for a day trip.  Any suggestions?


  1. Two Harbors for our family Christmas 
  2. William O’Brien State Park
  3. Wausaukee — although this one has already been canceled so we’ll probably move it to next year.  We decided to cut this out of the running so we could afford to rent a cabin with Isaac’s family this fall.  It allows us to keep on track with our 3-year rotation goals.  (If you didn’t read my last post you can find out more about our financial goals and how we’re planning to make our money work for our adventures!)
  4. Up North with Isaac’s family.  We decided on renting a cabin in Solon Springs and getting in some good family time.  We’ll travel up to the Bayfield area to explore and admire the Apostle Islands too.
  5. Willow River
  6. Clear Lake with church

Day Trips

  1. LaCrosse
  2. Lake Maria State Park
  3. Wausau
  4. Cabin
  5. Rustic Roads meandering


Looking forward to another year of wonderful adventures with my favorite people!  What is on your adventure list for the year?

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