January’s Story

General Budget Update:

Savings Goal:  55% funded

Retirement Fund: 12% funded // I would like to contribute at least $500 to each of our accounts this year.  I really wish we could do more but at least we have them started!

Taxes: On track

Housing: On track.   I ended up buying some new kitchen towels, salt & pepper shaker, water filter and a couple other odds and ends that I’ve been putting off for a bit.  Nothing extra though so I was able to stay on budget and uncluttered.

Food:  I expected to go over this month since I had to restock a few bigger items.  The plan is to really empty out the pantry for the rest of the month and keep spending at a minimum.  Through February I expect we’ll be able to make up the difference.  My goal is to only spend $75 or so a week.  We’ll see if this is plausible or not.  We might have to bump up this category but I’m hoping that we’ll be able to watch things and make do.

Auto: On track.

Clothing: On track.

Medical: On track.

Misc: We’re over in this one.   A couple too many redox rentals, tool purchases and unexpected toiletries.  As long as we slim it down through February we should be able to be back on target.

Babies: I was able to sell some outgrown baby items and actually was able to put some extra into this category which meant our paycheck money got to be used elsewhere!  Good stuff.

JCR Business Account: On Track.

Remodel: On track.

Overall we were able to stay on track and avoided buying too many unnecessary things.  We can still do better but it was a good first month!  Proof that it really won’t be too painful to stick to our goals.  It was very freeing to be able to walk past stores and just not worry about going in or feeling guilty for buying more “stuff”.   Ready for the next month!

Adventure Update:

We booked our campsite for Memorial weekend up at William O’Brien.  I booked about the same time last year without any trouble but this year things went even faster!  We were able to snag a site but no electricity and not the site I was hoping for.  It’ll be grand all the same but I’ll have to get our reservation in even earlier next year!  It’s going to cost us $78 for three nights.  We already have a park sticker for this year so it should be a pretty economical trip for us.

  • Estimated cost: $130
  • Total cost so far: $78

We were able to check off our first adventure for the year.  We went snowshoeing with our friends at Afton State Park in Minnesota.  It was a wonderfully warm day and I felt like I could snowshoe for miles!  I’m used to having to wear a baby but this time Isaac had Honeybear and our buddy wore Sister Bear.  It was a great day to get out in the beautiful MinniSconsin winter.

  • Estimated cost: $50 (I budgeted in snack money.)
  • Total cost: $25 for park sticker.  (I was able to put together a great snack of crackers, summer sausage, cheese & carrots for us from home.)
  • Saved: $25!img_9378

Isaac and I were also able to enjoy a lovely snowshoe walk out in our backyard one Sunday morning.  My parents were able to watch the kiddos and we headed out early before they woke up.  It’s amazing how easy it is to go for a hike when you don’t have a baby on your back!  When we got back we headed into town for some coffee that we got to enjoy with a gift card that I had received for Christmas.  Had an amazing date and it didn’t cost us a dime!img_0367

Couple of goals for February:

I want to start rounding up stories of our homeschooling/unschooling life and our home renovations.  I’m finding that writing these little blog posts (or really more like journal entries) is a great way to motivate myself and a fun way to share our story.

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